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The Benefits of Harp Therapy

Harp therapy is an ancient discipline, with different interpretations and operational models around the world. All of them have in common the use of the Harp as a means to connect with the Inner Self, soothe, relieve stress and pain and give emotional stability, psychological structure and a spiritual opening to those who listen in the right conditions and state of mind. Many centuries have passed since Ancient Greece and its temples of Asclepius, where the Harp was used to cure patients at a physical, emotional and spiritual level or the School of Pythagoras or even further back in the ages when, in biblical times, David used to play it to tranquilize King Saul's mind. The Harp was, is and always will be a privileged way to feel the nurturing and healing benefits of Sound and Music.

In ancient times, sound and Music were considered as a sacred and precious gift given to humans to experience a more profound and spiritual dimension inside and all around us, to find the strength to go through life's entanglements and to connect with that place of peace, fulfillment and balance in ourselves, that answers to many names: Soul, Spirit, Energy, Center... and in modern psychology, the Self. In today's frantic way of living, we're getting used to an imperious cacophony of sounds and a stressful exposure to fast-paced stimuli and unnatural rhythms that have a direct effect on our wellbeing and make us feel lost and out-of-phase at times. Music comesuseful with its enriching insights on our human experience: We need to discover and be aware of our Sound if we want to play at our fullest in the magnificent Concert of existence. And just like a musical instrument needs to be tuned before a concert, we also need to know how to tune ourselves to the right frequency and find the key to live up to our true nature. We just need the time, the space and the right instrument to do it. The Harp, with its wealth of Sounds and Resonance, its powerful yet soft and gentle touch, its archetypal role of bridge between dimensions, can create the enabling conditions for us to let go of our ordinary and extraordinary tensions and tune into a nurturing and soothing stream of sonic energy, that can open the doors to deep Relaxation and Self-Realization.

Harp Installations are customized, live music installations in art Galleries, museums and other arts venues. The harp will accompany visitors through an original and captivating, non-verbal experience that will enhance their emotional participation in the event. Original musical improvisation will take place during the installation as a way to interpret and give a sound shape to the present moment and the ongoing artistic exhibition/event. The harp can be part of the artist's or curator's project. Matthew is willing to collaborate to create a tailor-made musical impromptu that can make such an event unique. Sounds and music can influence the way we perceive the world and ourselves. I will work with the client to create a project for experiencing how Sound can actually transform Space.

The harp therapy sessions are open to anyone who wants to experience the benefits of live harp on his/her body and mind. They can take different formats and be adapted to better suit the needs and specificity of the hosting center. The Healing Concert is an hour-long Sound Bath in the nurturing and soothing resonances of the harp that will play according to the principles of sound and harp therapy. The voice of the instructor will guide Listeners through a deep relaxation and Inner listening experience that will bring emotional stability, physical relief of tensions and an opening to transpersonal and spiritual dimensions. It is the perfect opportunity to benefit from one of the most ancient musical instruments and its enormous vibrational potential. During the sessions you will be able to feel how sounds can soothe and revitalize your body and enhance your Self Perception.